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Rapid Cure

Rapid Cure


Bourgeois Lashes RAPID CURE adds elasticity to any adhesive on lashes, providing additional flexibility which helps maximize retention and keeps your clients satisfied! 


  • Reduces sensitivity and irritation
  • Seals glue without shock curing
  • Clients can wet lashes three minutes after treatment (NO MORE DRY TIME)
  • Maximizes retention
  • Works with ALL lash extension adhesives
  • Ingredients

    10 ml Dropper bottle

    Di-water, Ethyl Alcohol, Titanate L12, Alkoxysilane, Sodium gluconate

  • How To Use

    Wait 2 minutes after finishing your lash application to avoid shock polymerization.  Dip a microfiber brush in RAPID CURE.  Wipe over bonding points from the top layer and then bottom layer.  You do not need to soak bonding points.  Wait until dry and brush lashes.

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